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The Boost 2023 - Singapore


Do you want to learn all about what’s happening in the world of IT Service Management and IT Asset Management?

Do you want to be ahead of your peers and get your organization ready for the year 2023?

Put Thursday, October 6 in your calendar and don’t miss this day. Register using the form at the bottom of this page.

On Thursday, October 6, we will organize The BOOST 2023 in Singapore.

On this day we will prepare you for the year 2023, because for us, that starts on October 6th.

The day is divided into three different tracks: Pioneer, Inspiration and Innovation.

These are filled with interesting and prominent guest speakers, innovative partners and market leaders in Service Management and IT Asset Management.

We will also update you on our roadmap.

Preliminary Agenda:

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Be the pioneer of your organization and department.

Bring yourself up to speed on not only the most recent but also upcoming developments, trends, visions, and challenges.

In doing so, take your organization to the next level. Get informed on how to future-proof your organization.

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Different perspectives lead to new insights.

Get inspired by other IT professionals in the world of ITAM and Service management.

Innovative partners, leading guest speakers and customers who share their vision of the present, but also the future.

It will give you more than enough food for thought!

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The developments in the IT sector are progressing in rapid succession.

IT is becoming more and more complex, the talent gap is growing, organizations keep asking for faster processing of IT issues to support the business.

This requires innovative solutions for IT operations. Join this track and get acquainted with the most recent and upcoming developments in ITAM and Service Management.

The BOOST 2023 offers an extensive, versatile and high-quality program – it is the event to get informed about the latest developments, share knowledge with your peers and maintain your network.

Everything you need to kick off 2023 with a BOOST!

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Registration for the event on the 6th of October 2022 at the Carlton Hotel, Singapore.


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